A quick walkthrough

After you've set up your account, you'll see WelcomePad's main Activity Tab. It will be empty because you haven't welcomed any visitors yet. 

Before you start welcoming, it's important to learn how to get back to the main activity screen. While welcoming, WelcomePad makes the welcome process the entire focus of the app and it doesn't show any other menu options. 

During the welcome process you can go back to the main screen by pinching the screen: put your thumb and index finger on the screen at the same time, and pull them closer together. For now, let's take a quick tour of the other tabs that are available in the app. 

Depending on which plan you chose during the setup process (Free, Starter, Business, or Business Plus), some tabs may not be visible to you.

The Design Tab lets you customize what the welcome process will look like. The Free edition lets you choose any theme, and the paid subscriptions you're also able to add your logo and change the images and colors. Simply tap on a design element and tap the brush button to adjust the formatting.

At the top, you'll see two sections: Theme and Questions

Theme is used to designed what the welcome experience looks like. 

If you tap on Questions, you'll be able to customize which questions you would like to ask during the welcome process. You can tap on a question and then tap the Brush button to change the question's properties. You can also change the order of the questions by pressing down on a question and dragging it to another location.

Unless you chose the Free plan, you'll also see a Team tab down at the bottom of the screen. This is used to manage the members of your team that your visitors will meet with. It works just like your Contacts app in iOS. For each team member, you can customize how they would like to be notified when a visitor arrives.

Finally, there's the the Help button. You can use this to view the Help Center — you're in the Help Center right now! It also provides a way to contact us for technical support. At any time, please feel to write us at  [email protected]

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